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Five Generations of Exceptional Champagnes

The MIgnon Family, 5th Generation producers

Champagne, France

The House of Pierre Mignon is defined by five generations who have been perfecting the art of Champagne-making with the deepest and highest respect for tradition while embracing innovation. Located in Le Breuil, Pierre and Yveline Mignon has passed down the art of Champagne-making to their two children: Céline, who is responsible for export and commercial relations and Jean-Charles, who is responsible for the vineyards and wines. The House owns sixteen hectares of some of the finest Crus based in the Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs and the Epernay region.

Besides the very stringent selection of grapes and pressed juice, the optimal quality of the source material reduces the need for filtration, thereby preserving all the flavors for the subsequent blend. Their sparkling wines are simply the best of what Champagne has to offer – elegance and decadence.

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Brut Prestige (half-bottle) / Grande Reserve /  Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru / Anneé de Madame 2006 / Brut Prestige Shiny Gold Exterior w/ Giftbox / Anneé de Madame 2008 Vintage Rosé Shiny Pink Exterior and giftbox / Coeur d’Or Vintage w/ Shiny Red Exterior, Giftbox, Swarovski Gemstone & Necklace