Cellar Solutions

We offer cellar architecture and custom-built kitchen furniture services tailored to your gastronomic needs. 

Everyone has various drinking and dining preferences. Those preferences make a difference to what wines you keep, how long you keep it etc. Our expertise is in understand what you need and building something that makes comfortable to wine and dine in the comfort of your own private space.  B°NU and Architecture firm Atelier Small has partnered to design and build your own private cellar. Give us a space and we will come out with something that make you delighted to keep our own personal collection of wines. We also do custom-made furniture for your kitchen or your garden where you are hosting guests for dinner. 


If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please email us at hello@bnulicious.com or contact us as contact: +65 83223952 (whatsapp available)