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30 November 2016, Wednesday

Five wines Perfect for Christmas dinner

The festive season is approaching and tis' the season to be pulling out your favourite bottles to share with loved ones. There are some wines that you cannot do without during Christmas, especially when you are deciding to pair them with food. 

1. Champagne, Champagne-method wines and other bubblies
Without our favourite bubblies, the festive cheer will be lacking in Christmasy cheer. The bubbles in Sparkling wines carry the alcohol into our bloodstream faster than still wines, putting us in the right spirit. Champagne is the perfect choice with its bready aromas and exuberant fruits but if that is a little too out of your budget, try looking into some quality DOCG Prosecco from Italy and Cava from Spain. 

Food Pairing: A roasted Christmas ham bone-in with apple sauce. The tartness of the apple sauce and fattiness of the ham complements the zinginess of the sparkling wine to produced a palate that is amply refreshed for the next course. 

We recommend:
Pierre Mignon Grande Reserve Champagne, $59
Gran Castillo Cava, $29
Marchiori Proesseco-Valdobaddiene DOCG, $53.70 

2. Racy Riesling
For those not ready to move onto the reds yet, try a Riesling It pairs well with most dishes, especially fatty and spicy ones. Its good acidity makes your palate refreshed and rejuvenated for the next dish to follow.

Food Pairing: Sausage platter with chicken garlic sausages or pork cheese sausages.

We recommend:
Daniel Assmuth Junge Reben Riesling, $39.80
Möwes Riesling kabinett Schiefer Michelsberg 2014, $50.90

3. Robust Red Blend
A red wine is needed for every Christmas meal, especially if you are having a meaty dinner. What better way than to have a red wine blend that provides complex flavours and to warm the palate. Try a big fruity red like a Cabernet or Blaufränkisch blend. 

Food Pairing: Rosemary lamb leg. The gaminess of the meat will pair nicely with the robust red wine flavours. The intensity of flavours from the meat and the wine will go nicely.

We recommend:
Tiglat 2013, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt blend, $74.90
Nativo 2013, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvginon and Merlot blend, $45 

4. Fruity Pinot Noir
If you don’t like a robust red, try a fruity light red instead. This wine will help you to drink more glasses without tiring out your palate. 

Food-pairing: Rosemary turkey with chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce. The delicate flavours of turkey with cranberry sauce will complement the red berry flavours of Pinot Noir. 
We recommend:
Ottin 2013 Pinot Noir, $73.90
Segni di Langa 2014 Pinot Noir, $71.90

5. Dessert wine
Most people love sweet stuff but it is also the perfect way to end a meal. Instead of your common sweet wines, why not try a red sparkling sweet wine. This way, you can stick to the bubbles and still enjoy your dessert.

Food-pairing: Black forest chocolate log cake. Red. Sweet. Sparkling. Perfect with chocolate. What’s more to say?
We recommend: 
Sangue di Giuda, $35
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