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07 December 2016, Wednesday

Seven Wines that Make a Great Gift


Whether it be for a wedding, a birthday or for Christmas, no one can deny that wines make a great gift. It is hard to say no to a good tipple unless you have the misfortune of being allergic to alcohol.

The trick is choosing the right wine for the right person and that requires a little bit of insight.

Here are seven types of people you should think about before choosing the right wine for them:

1.      For someone who drinks little

What do you get someone who doesn’t always drink? Something sweet and bubbly. Moscato makes a great gift for anyone who is new to wines. It is aromatic, palatable and low in alcohol. Your lucky recipient  will be able to finish the bottle by themself. This is one pleasurable wine, particularly for the ladies.

Recommended wine: Mustela Moscato d’Asti, Italy

2.      For people who love their strong drinks or whiskies

You cannot get this man a white wine because his palate is used to something much bolder. Get this man a strong red. Something rich in flavour and high in alcohol will satiate this man’s palate.

Recommended wine: Fondo del Sole Nativo, Italy


3.      For your best friend’s birthday

What do you get for someone who is your best friend? A bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate their extra year of wisdom. Something sparkling and reasonably affordable perhaps.

Recommended wine: Gran Castillo Cava, Spain

4.      For your wine connoisseur friend

How can you please someone who only drinks the finest in life? A wine that is as fine and elegant as your friend’s taste. These are the ones who will frown upon anything distasteful that they may receive. But get them a nice bottle, and they will be incredibly grateful to you

Recommended wine: Diego Conterno Le Coste Barolo, Italy


5.       For the colleague who watches your back

Do you have colleague who has helped you a lot at work? Time to get a wine to show your appreciation. An inexpensive but delicious bottle of red will work. Cool looking labels or an impressive design contributes to the presentation.

Recommended wine: Hammeken Montgo Tempranillo, Spain

6.      For someone you want to impress

This could be a great client who has been supporting your business so don’t go cheap. Make sure they receive a gift worthy of their support. Or it could be someone you want to wow. A champagne from a Maison with five generations of history will put you in good stead. Packaging is important too so get something that evokes luxury.

Recommended wine: Pierre Mignon Brut Prestige Shiny Gold Exterior w/ Giftbox, Champagne, France

7.      For someone you really, REALLY love.

You can’t go cheap when it comes to love and matters of the heart. Red or pink is the way to go and it doesn’t necessarily mean red or rosé wine. We recommend the Coeur d’Or as the ultimate wine to win a women’s heart. If it is a man, he would appreciate the drink for itself. 

Recommended wines: Pierre Mignon Coeur d’Or Vintage w/ Shiny Red Exterior, Giftbox, Swarovski Gemstone and Necklace, Champagne, France

Pierre Mignon Anne de Madame 2008 Rosé w/ Shiny Pink Exterior & Giftbox, Champagne, France


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