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The Return to Distinction

Cristiano & Stefano Calatroni, Founders / Winemakers / Brothers

Oltrepò Pavese, Italy

Brothers Stefano & Cristiano Calatroni belong to a new collective of four young wine estates based in the Oltrepò Pavese Region south of Milan, in Lombardia. As children, they grew up learning about the history of their region, which claims to be the first area in Italy to produce sparkling wine and earn its repute for making fine bubbles. 2008 marked a pivotal year for the region when it was elevated to the status of DOCG beginning with their 2007 vintage. Proud of their land’s heritage, these young men made it their personal ambition to elevate the sparkling wines of Oltrepò Pavese back to the glory and reputation it once possessed throughout Italy.

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