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Daniel Aßmuth

The Rebel of the Pfalz

Rebel Winemaker

Pfalz, Germany

Daniel Aßmuth is the unorthodox, avant-garde wine Artist of the Paflz. After his military service, Daniel decided to learn wine-making through big wineries within the region. His belief that wines should taste of the earth where the grapes are grown led him to make a life-altering decision to develop his own label. He is now pushing the boundaries of wine-making with bold new ideas. His vision for great wines is parallel to the best chefs in the world who do not rely solely upon a recipe, but on their instincts and taste buds to create the perfect dish. For Daniel, the perfect wine is one that contains the trinity of great aroma, taste and texture. His desire to surpass himself are reflected in the pristine quality and succulence of every wine made. 

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