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Sparkling Vision & Innovation of Four Friends

Erik, Paolo, Cristian & Federico, Founders / Winemakers / Mavericks

Piedmont, Italy

One day, four friends who were wine producers in very different fields were chatting among the benches of the oenological school of Alba. They came up with an exciting new idea – to create sparkling wines made from indigenous grapes grown in Piedmont using the champagne method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. Thus, “Erpacrife” was born. “Erpacrife” is a union of the names’ first syllables of Erik, Paolo, Cristian and Federico. After numerous experiments done on different grapes for their sparkling base, they identified the very few that actually works. Unlike their counterparts, Erpacrife uses only the classic champagne method to make wines that accurately represent the indigenous grapes from the land which they are proud of.

Their Magnus opus is the sweet sparkling wine made from 100% Moscato. In their first year of attempting to create such a wine, the high sugar levels led to every bottle exploding in the cellars due to the high pressure. Success came in the second year when they took extra measures to control temperatures for arresting fermentation.

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