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The Barolo Brothers

Piedmont, Italy

Brothers Massimo and Ezio belong to a family of grape growers who own vineyards from the start of the 1900s.  Although the brothers studied to become wine technicians at Alba’s oenological school, they took very different paths. Massimo went on to finish his education as a winemaker with experience in Portugal while Ezio pursued economics at Turin’s University of Business Administration. However, both share a passion in wine passed down by their family. In 2003, through the encouragement and passion of their winemaking friends, the brothers reunited to make and bottle wines under their family name. Their philosophy is based on the constant, persistent pursuit of quality. After tasting through a range of vintages, we can personally attest to the consistency of their wines that never fail to accurately express the characteristics of the land.

The Negretti brothers are part of a group of young winemakers in the Langhe called “Langa Style” that shares the same vision of creativity and individuality to their approach in the wine world.

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