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Podere Il Carnasciale

A Wine Like No Other

Bettina & Mortiz Rogosky, Peter Schilling, Mother / Son / Winemaker

Tuscany, Italy

The unique story of Podere Il Carnasciale began in 1986 when Wolf Rogosky decided to make wines from an unknown grape. In an attempt to protect a newly-laid young vine, Wolf used an empty bottle of Sassicaia - one of the most respected Italian wines in the world – to cover it. Then, He prophesized that the vines of Carnasciale would one day produce wines that would rival Sassicaia. Today, this prophecy has been fulfilled. This one-of-a-kind grape variety or hybrid combines the aromatics and structure of a Cabernet Franc and the fruitiness of a Merlot, therefore it was christened the Caberlot.  Exclusive only to this tiny 2.1 hectares vineyard situated in the Valdarno valley, east of Chianti, the wines are all hand-bottled. Every vintage, the design on each label varies slightly and is hand-numbered. From vine to wine in the bottle, the utmost care has been put into handcrafting a wine like no other that can stand the test of time.

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