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Paving the way for Sardinia

Piero Cella, Experimental Winemaker / Owner

Sardinia, Italy

After working as the head-winemaker at the famous Santadi and Cantina Mesa for years, Piero Cella who is a proud native Sardinian, wanted to have something to call his own. Together with his supportive wife, Luciana, they created the revolutionary micro-winery named Quartomoro in 2009. Using his winery as an atelier, Piero paints his impressions of the grape and soil into each wine produced; the results are fine art works with the highest expression of what Sardinia is capable of. From the choice of the bottle shape to the selection of closures, every step of the production process is precise and well-thought out. Being passionate about the autonomous varieties of Sardinia, he experiments fermenting every indigenous grape variety he can get his hands on. His desire is to see Sardinian wines being put on the world map. 

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