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Perseverance Delivering Power & Excellence

Giuseppe & Mauro Sciorio, Brothers / Winemakers / Owners

Piedmont, Italy

On the slope of Costigliole d’Asti is a nondescript house with an underground wine cellar owned by brothers Giuseppe and Mauro Sciorio. The family has been selling grapes off of their land for decades but always knew that their clay-limestone soils were suitable to make excellent grapes.  1983 marked a change in their lives when their father passed away. As very young men, Giuseppe and Mauro wanted to continue their father’s legacy and tell the story of the land through their grapes by making their own wines. The first seven years were challenging due to their inexperience. After many trails and mistakes coupled with hours of tasting wines around Piedmont, their efforts paid off and they started producing serious, powerful wines. Their story is an inspiration to others: that if one perseveres and works hard, it is possible to create something great even without previous experience or knowledge.  Today, their total production is around 2000 cases per year.

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