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Stefano Amerighi

The Apex of Syrah

Biodynamic Winemaker / Philosopher

Tuscany, Italy

In 2000, Stefano Amerighi began an ambition project – to make the best biodynamic Syrah in Italy. With the help of a French biodynamic consultant, he embarked on his quest by choosing 8.5 hectares on land, situated in an area called “Chiuso di Cortona”. This hilly area was identified by Stefano through geological and climatic research to be the best site for growing Syrah. Being a son of a farmer, Stefano’s passion for sustainable agriculture led him from a Political Science career to a practitioner of biodynamic farming. This is a method of organic farming that considers lunar and astrological influences. Stefano believes that this farming is the only way the soil can be protected and the vines can be given balance in the vineyard in order to make the best Syrah. His mission is to create a farm system that hosts a complex and sustainable ecosystem of animals and plants and to grow vines which can produce great Syrahs that genuinely represents him.    

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