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Valdamonte di Alberto Fiori

Re-imagining Pinot for the Masses

Alberto Fiori, Founder & Chief Winemaker

Oltrepò Pavese, Italy

Alberto Fiori of Valdamonte was initiated into the world of wines when he did his first harvest at the age of six. For over a hundred years, his family has owned land producing exceptional Pinot Noir at 300-380 metres on a limestone-clay soil structure based in the Santa Maria della Versa Muncipal of Oltrepò Pavese. After studying oenology at the prestigious University of Piacenza, Alberto and his family decided to use their grapes to produce Valdamonte’s first vintage in 2009. The majority of their wines have a Pinot Noir base from finest vineyards with a South-West exposition. Alberto is so strongly attached to his land that he could never imagine himself doing anything else not related to wine in his life. His relationship to his vineyards is likened to that of a Father and Son relationship. Every bottle crafted by him is a reflection of that intimate relationship. His wines are made with the intention of sharing them among the convivial company of friends.

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