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A New Generation of Mosel Riesling

Tobias Lorenz, Young Winemaker / Generation Riesling

Mosel, Germany

Tobias Lorenz is a young winemaker belonging to a group of Young Winemakers named “Generation Riesling”. Situated in the idyllic village of Detzem in the world-renowned Bernkastel area, his vines are planted on some of the world’s steepest slopes along the Moselle River. Both the perfect water-draining properties of the soil and the consistent reflection of the sun’s warmth by the river have cemented the Mosel’s reputation for outstanding Rieslings of longevity, minerality and intense flavour. Tobias’s family owns around seven hectares of vineyards including plots of seventy years old vines in the famous Maximiner Klosterlay, Thörnicher Ritsch and Pölich. With grapes from historically-established vineyards, Tobias has the opportunity to usher in a new generation of Rieslings that showcase the flavours of the Mosel soil as well as his fresh interpretation of it.

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