Discover the Land where all our products originate from. 


Piedmont, Italy

Located in North West Italy, this region is the mecca for Nebbiolo and Moscato lovers. The city of Turin is in this region. A heavy fog covers the region during November, giving the land a layer of charm.


Trento, Italy

Located in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige, Northern Italy, near the borders of Austria. The capital is the town of Trento.


Sardinia, Italy

An autonomous region of Italy and the second largest island in the Mediterranean, South of Corsica.


Burgenland, Austria

Located in the easternmost part of Austria, next to the borders of Hungary. Where Austria’s largest lake is located.


Pfalz, Germany

A second largest wine region of Germany located to its west called Rheinpfalz or Rhineland Palatinate, stretching from the southern rim of Rheinhessen near Worms to the border of Alsace.

Oltrepò Pavese

Lombardy, Italy

Located in the province of Pavia in Lombardia, Italy. This is where some of the most underrated sparkling wines are made with great quality-price-ratio.


Lombardy, Italy

Located in the province of Brescia in Lombardia, Italy. This is where sparkling wine lovers flock to. The city of Milan is in this region.


Veneto, Italy

One of the twenty regions of Italy where “The Merchant of Venice” was inspired. This is where Prosecco comes from.


Mosel, Germany

The most well-known region for German white wines. The region covers the rivers Moselle, Saar and Ruwer.


Tuscany, Italy

The birthplace of the Renaissance. This is a region in Central Italy where some of the best red wines are produced. The capital is Florence.

Vallée d'Aoste

Vallée d'Aoste, Italy

Surrounded by the Alps next to the borders of France and the Valais, this is where some of the highest elevated vineyards can be found. This is the smallest region in Italy.


Champagne, France

In northern edges of France, this is where the most prominent sparkling wine is located.

Castilla / Cava D.O

Castilla, Spain